tHe ASsEMBlaGes


Statement by Norman Hasselriis

They speak. They say: Stop. Wonder. Ponder. Inquire! Imagine. Stretch. Connect. Learn. Grow. Be "objective". Below the level of their obvious, superficial "good humor" -be not deceived- they have ulterior, quiet "educational objectives: to provoke, shock, disturb, inspire.

The Assemblage Art Gallery located in Oak Hill, New York is the unique environment in which Norman Hasselriis, lived and worked for twenty-three years. More than a thousand of his constructions --- which he called “assemblages,” or, alternately, his
“PlayThings” --- fill every corner of the space, located in an 1848 building in a tiny, picturesque hamlet of upstate New York.The gallery is just as he left it when illness forced him away in early 2006 at the age of eighty-seven. Sadly, he did not recover, and died in Florida in July 2006.
His art has been described as sophisticated, intellectual, and whimsical in nature. His poetry and writings are extraordinary. He described his work to be “In the spirit of Dada, only the spirit is positive and humorous….it’s the spirit of James Joyce and other free thinkers”. His work is unique and worthy of recognition.